Advanced Radio Data System dynamical encoder with SNMP V 2 control.


PRIMARY APPLICATION: the TRDS4002-LUXOR is a RDS encoder designed to support all popular services provided by UECP SPB490 including dynamic services like TMC, TDC, IH, EWS and RT+, and it uses fully digital technology to guarantee a very high quality of modulation and spectral purity.
TECHNICAL FEATURES: the TRDS4002-LUXOR is fully digital and it uses only high quality components like A/D and D/A converters at 24 bit and numerical processing at 32 bit. Using the WINRDS+ software you can assign station and apparatus codes in order to be able to selectively program any
TRDS4002-LUXOR remotely such as satellite, LAN or Internet. The firmware can be updated via serial port without need for hardware settings and without interruption of service.
INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE: it can integrate an advanced BYPASS system between MPX input and outputs that ensure the service also in the event of failures (version TRDS4002-LUXOR-C).
HARDWARE FEATURES: the system housed in lightweight and rugged stainless steel rack cases having the dimension of 1 HE.

  • Fully support of all RDS services, Static and Dynamic. 
  • RDS encoder fully compliant with UECP EBU SPB490 v7.05, CENELEC ( uropa) and NRSC (America). 
  • UEPC Ports (2 Serials, 4 TCPIP, 4 UDP). 
  • N. 8 Data Set. and 10 EON + Main PS for each Data Set. 
  • Integrated RDS decoder. 
  • Dataset switch managed by UECP/SNMP/REST/HTTP/ASCII PARSER/TXT FILE/GPI. 
  • Can get autonomously data from the Radio Automation Systems (PS/RT/RT+/TA/MS). 
  • Easy RDS page fast setup. 
  • RDS Groups data analyser. 
  • Ethernet/USB/RS232/GPIO connections and easy WiFi Access. 
  • Possibility to send email to 4 receivers and to set 3 different SMPT servers. SNMP V2c. 
  • Possibility to set up to 3 NTP Servers (V1, V2, V3, V4). 
  • IPV4 and IPV6 support (3 addresses IPV4 and 3 addresses IPV6). 
  • N°2 RS232 for UECP commands. 
  • 6 GPI and 4 Relay Out (all GPIO are fully programmable by the GUI). 
  • HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, UDP, TCP support. 
  • Alarms via : TRAP (SNMP), email (SMTP), GPO, HTTP. 
  • External GPS support (Time, Date and Geolocation). 
  • uSD Card for clone function, for maintenance and easy replace of a faulty unit. 
  • Logs 24/7 with export function. 
  • 6 levels of right access managment. 
  • Multi-user contemporary access. 
  • Import and export configurations function. 
  • Multi-user contemporary access.


  • TRDS4002-LUXOR-D
    Advanced Radio Data System dynamical encoder with SNMP V 2 control.

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