Since 1979 RVR Elettronica is engaged in the research and manufacture of high-tech equipment and high performance for telecommunications and transmission F.M.

Since then RVR Elettronica has never stopped growing, forming a consolidated group of companies, consisting of more than 200 professionals and affirming its leading position in the FM market in the world. RVR has become synonymous with tradition, innovation, quality and reliability of its products thanks to the value and the ability to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements.

Those who turn to RVR can in fact count on a highly structured sales organization and widely and on a highly specialized technical team and qualified. Only in this way you can reach totally customized solutions that solve specific and particular needs.

RVR is not content to use a particularly efficient quality control system, but accompanies this total reliability with a perfect system configuration, an efficient installation service, training and careful after-sales service.

 In this way the customer knows he can count on the company, its quality and its services, for the duration of the product's life.

RVR has also developed an R & D department can meet the most varied demands, devising effective solutions in the years in sectors like the steel industry, the scientific and the military industry.